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A Word About Tattoos Survey Results

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Why We Don't Do Tattoos
1. Nonsense Chinese
What looks mystical and intelligent often has a nonsensical or embarrassing meaning. Probably neither the wearer nor the tattoo artist understand what the characters actually mean.
2. Wisdom on body modification
Our bodies, to every hair and bit of skin, are received by us from our parents, and we must not presume to injure or wound them. This is the beginning of filial piety.
Confucius, The Book of Filial Piety
3. Language changes, tattoos don't
Even if you were to find a well-researched Chinese name or idiom and get it tattooed, the meaning may change a year later. You could be stuck with an unwanted association.
Try These Instead
We suggest thinking twice before putting permanent foreign symbols on your skin. Why not wear your Chinese name on a t-shirt instead? Just as beautiful, and it comes off.
Personal Name Stamp
Personalized Embroidered Apparel
Do you agree with A Word About Tattoos? Please take a quick survey. You do not have to reveal your identity.
A Word About Tattoos Survey
Survey results

Survey started: July 20, 2004
Page last updated: January 1, 2006

8. If you do not have tattoos, why not?

"In my opinion, they look cheap and are regarded in society as being low-class. They are also not very flattering to an aging body."

"I could not change the tattoo as easily as I might change my feelings about having it."

"I am not fascinated by body modification, nor do i belong to any subculture that encourages tatoos. but i would be interested in getting a tatoo of personal significance that is not visible to the general public. I haven't yet because of the very nature of tattoos being relatively permenant, the wrong choice is one to regret for a long time."

"Saving money for it."

"I personally do not like tattoos and find them somewhat...primitive."

"Mostly gang members and bikers have tatoos in my area. Plus, they do not portray professionalism in business dealings."

"just coz they can look good now but later on in life, ur body changes and ur appearance alters and then they dont look so good."

"its a big decision! do I want them when i am 70? also they are very popular at the moment nice to be different in not having 1!"

"Why in the world would I want one. When I'm 50 years old I don't want a big old tatto on me, even if it is a small one."

"They seem silly now - with people getting them just to be stylish it dilutes the spirit & emotional connections they used to symbolize. People used to get them to show deep attachment or devotion to a person, group or cause. Now tattoos are like pukka shell necklaces - meaningless adornment."

"because i have never found something i would be happy to have for the rest of my life yet."

"They are UGLY."

"I don't like needles. Dirty needles can give you diseases. Not all tatooists are good artists. I associate tatooes, especially bad ones, with criminal gangs and sailors. Skin stretches when you get old, and the tatooes do too --- then you look stupid. I bore easy. I had some birthmarks and got tired of looking at them and so I got them removed. It hurt and they got infected and now I have white spots where the moles were that are just as boring. I like those stick on, wash off tatooes - some are pretty and have glitter, but if they go on wrong - no problem, just wash them off."

"Just do not consider the result to justify the high cost."

"I don't believe they are appropriate for me."

"Haven't gotten any yet"

"I never wanted one because I never believed in anything. Now that I have faith, I would like something to remind me of it."

"I have never been able to find or decide on a symbol/picture which I wanted to be permanently associated with. Also, my husband would not have liked me to have one."

"Haven't found something that I'd want on my body for life although I do want to get one eventually."

"I've never seen anyone so ugly that a tattoo made them look better; but I've seen many attractive people made look worse."

"I change alot... it doesn't make sense to do something permanent. (Ex. I know a guy with a Tweety Bird tattoo. Can you imagine being an old guy with a Tweety Bird tattoo?!)"

"No interest in presonalizing skin."

"The body is much more beautiful in its natural state. It's silly to assume that what seems important today will continue to be important."

"I am underage. As soon as I turn 18, I will be getting a chinese symbol tattoo on my arm."

"I'm terrified of pain. I also can't see myself bearing one in future years without feeling embarrassed; something that permanent shouldn't look silly on a bewrinkled (and usually wiser) version of oneself. The nursing homes will be quite entertaining in the coming years with all the residents with 'Bad Ass' tattoos."

"They mold in time"

"I agree with with the Bible's clear message about tattoos. Please continue to inform people. I see more people with Chinese character tattoos. Now that I am learning the Chinese language and culture I feel more people should develop the respect, the culture and language deserves."

"I do not wish to 'tag' my body whatsoever, and I don’t think it would be 'cool'. However, times change and I have found that I need something to remind me of my opportunities at success, and what success I had, and that I have thrown them away. I was looking for a single symbol to represent where I was, where I am now, and my place will forever be. I wanted to burn this into my forearm, so I can see it and feel it and remind myself that once there was peace in some past existence."

"This didn't really make me less likely to have a tattoo, but perhaps less likely to have a foreign-language tattoo, and DEFINITELY more careful and aware of issues to consider if I should ever get one. However, very doubtful I would ever get a tattoo. I like their appearance sometimes, and don't fear the pain, but I find the idea of injecting ink under my skin very distasteful. There's nothing I want to write on myself for the rest of my life, and I'd also be very concerned about how the tattoo's appearance might change over time (and/or as my body changed). I don't think I would ever get a tattoo that I myself could not read. I'm not completely anti-tattoo, but I think most people who get them haven't given it adequate thought. This is definitely a very useful article, and it would be good to expand it."

"looks dirty"

"I heard the quote "tattoos are a permanent reminder of momentary feeling" - & the thought has stuck."

"They don't go away..."

"im underage, but am considering getting one when i hit 18"

"As I stated in #3, keep in mind potential health issues beforehand, check with your doctor. Personally, I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Graves Disease... all immune related, starting when I was a child, inherited from my mother. Throw in Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis, allergies, and microseizures. I'd love a tattoo, but I wouldn't even bother wasting my doctor's time asking if it would be bad for my health."

"I am in my 60's. My generation thinks of tattoos only on sailors, marines and 'lower class' folks."

"Because I might like something now, but will I like it in 10 years. I'm not going to permanently mar my skin. Plus, my dad would beat the crap out of me - and I'm in my 20s."

April 2005

"Many times in the past I've contemplated getting a tattoo to remind myself of an achieved milestone. But as I read this and other similar sites I've come to understand the wisdom imparted to not deface my body. A tatto used to symbolize individuality, now quite the opposite is true and I find that my 'blank canvas' is truly more unique."

"my body is the temple of god. it god property"

"Painful and they look dumb when you get old. Plus, I don't like anything for a long enough time that I think I'd still like it or agree with the sentiment in 20 years."

May 2005

"In the U.S. and Europe, tattoos look cheap and tawdry. They can get infected. People wearing them seem very immature. I associate them with drunken sailors. Besides, I scar easily and I hate pain."

"I don't see them as beautiful, stylish nor sexy. I have other ways of marking permanence in my life."

"have not yet found the right one"

"My body is a vessle which constantly changes along with my mind and spirit. It is very much a matter of filial piety or xiao. It is highly unlikely that I would brand myself with an everlasting association, which could be regretful or result in later humiliation disgracing my parents. I have learned to keep my body as open and free as my mind."

"Why? That might possibly change, but not as far as I can see."

June 2005

"Don't like them."

"I don't understand the desire to begin with and if that is not enough, why woudl you do anything permanent? I change my style, mind, etc. often."

"I don't believe in teh desecration of the body and why would I want to put a symbol on my body that I probably won't want there in 10 or 15 years?"

July 2005

"If I imagine having one, I'd feel very much controlled and defined by the tattoo. People only want to be 'cool' in certain situations, not reminded by a tattoo that they are supposed to be 'cool' 24/7. It reeks of disturbingly one-dimensional personality, were the person truly that simple or not."

"I do not have a tatto at the time becuase I am under age an my parents will not allow it."

"It would only make sense to get a tattoo of something that has significant meaning in your life. But if it's that important to you, why would you need a tattoo to prove its significance?"

"It seems silly to want to do something so permanent, and it tends to call other peoples attention to the tattoo instead of what you are saying or doing. It gives the impression of a lower class person, or one who follows fads."

August 2005

"Never found one I like."

"Permanent marking, I could only consider some Henna or such markings that would last for few months or so."

September 2005

"Have never known what to get tattooed on myself."

"People say their tattoo's are unique, but how can you be unique if a thousand people have the similar thing in the same place?"

"It wasn't really something one did/does among my peers (especially when I was younger and more likely to have gotten one). Plus it hurts and is a pain to care for at first. I'm still a little intrigued by the idea, and might get one if I had a friend who wanted to do it together."

"just don't like"

"Tattoos will stay with you until your dead and buried! They are regarded as Evil and condemend by God. Human flesh should be presevered and kept as when born. Why have tattoos for the rest of your life? They get old, faded streched and make people look 'rough' and rebels in society. Why do people copy famous people or people who have tattoes. I ask myself why tattoos are becoming so popular and in the future we will have a lots of old people with ugly, faded old tattoed freaks. I hate them!!"

October 2005

"I have considered it several times, but could never decide on a symbol that I knew I would just love to see every day of my life. It would have kept me tied too much in the past as I know life is full of unforseeable changes. Also, I have seen old tatoos, and they usually don't age well ;)"

"I have piercings instead, which can be removed."

November 2005

"Courage, a sign, the right time, safety, second thoughts."

"because i might change my mind next month and decide i dont want it ne mo."

"I feel that they are 'messing with perfection', in that I was given this body in this form and fashion. It is nice just the way it is."

"I dont want to regret it one daY since it is permanent."

"I havent found a tattooo i want."

December 2005

"Not sure on what to get. So many different designs and styles."

"It destroys the beauty of your body given to you by God."



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